RevolutionTT Mass Invite Give Away

RevolutionTT Mass Invite Give Away

We've just given all users of your class some invites, this gives those of you who are allowed to use them a chance to invite some good members.

Inviting good users gives you the opportunity to earn up-to 500GB of upload credits & promotion to our elite 'TT Gold Club', once your invitees start reaching the qualifying stages in the 'Good Invitee Incentive'. Full details can be found in the Good Invitee Credit Thread

Note: You earn the credits in stages: 25,25,50 & 400GB upload credits respectivly, picking up more invites on the way to invite more good members.

Full rules & guidance on sending invites can be found HOW TO- SEND AN INVITE Thread

*If you are from one of the following regions: Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia or Turkey, you will be unable to use the invites, or participate in this contest, for more info see this Thread

Note: Should a user from a banned country be invited then both the inviter & the invitee will have their accounts banned.

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