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PWN Network is a new (~1 month old) tracker which is an offshoot and eventual replacement of NTorrents. Rather than just focus on Nintendo games, however, like NTorrents, PWN is a much more general games tracker. It is in beta, and a lot of this review probably will become out of date once it's fully established.
Invites are not at all set in stone. I received 3 for no apparent reason a few days ago. They open at least sometimes (they are open at the time of writing).
A lot of the rules are not set in stone either. If you join now, you may be able to vote in the polls that may decide the permanent rules of the site. The promotion page isn't 100% accurate. You need both the amount of download stated, the ratio stated, and a certain amount of time as a member of the tracker, which is not currently stated.
It is very hard to seed torrents to 1-1 without a seedbox (which I don't have). Fortunately, to compensate, large torrents (think 40 GB) are usually freeleech. Also, there are periods of sitewide freeleech whenever the staff choose.
This tracker restricts uploading to members of the uploading team, so you can't fix your ratio by uploading.
However, all torrents are fast, and there is a wide variety of game torrents.

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