How to access uTorrent webUI from any mobile

This tutorial will guide through the steps to set up uTorrent webUI to be used with any mobile browser (works with opera mobile)

1. Go to http://sites.google.com/site/ultimasites/utorrent-miniui and download the latest version of uTorrent miniUI.

2. Now typing "%APPDATA%/uTorrent" in run to bring up the utorrent application data folder. If you are using portable version, look for it inside the portable program folder

3. Copy the downloaded file in this folder and rename it as webui.zip

4. In uTorrent navigate to options>preferences>webUI and enable it. you can use any username and password of your choice

5. To open webUI on your mobile phone open any browser and type [your IP address]:[port number]/gui/mini/index.html. Writing index.html is a must. For example, if your IP is and port number is 1234, then you must type

6. Enter the username & password when prompted

If you want to use both normal webUI and mobile webUI

1. Extract the downloaded zip file in a folder and name it mini

2. Extract the original webUI.zip in another folder.

3. Copy the folder named mini inside this folder

4. Now compress the contents of this folder into zip format. Do not compress the folder itself but the contents of the folder

5. Place this file in %APPDATA%/uTorrent folder.

Now both webUIs can be accessed simultaneously

To test if your webUI is working or not, after all the above steps are done, type localhost:[port number]/gui/mini/index.html in any browser on your PC.

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