BTN - IRC Competitions

Starting now, if you join IRC you could have a chance to win an assortment of prizes. All you have to do is join our IRC channel.

We will be running Two competitions this week!

1. IRC Peak: If we hit 1000 unique* users online at once in IRC, we will change the IRC idle from 1 point per hour to 10 points per hour!!
instead of a measly 24BPs a day, you will receive 240BPs, just from leaving your IRC client open in our IRC channel.

*unique being the count cableguy has, not including dupes of users and bots.

If we activate this the multiplier will end at the end of the year.

2. IRC Idle: The game is everyone joins a assigned BTN channel and everyone participating will receive voice ( v), all you have to do is idle in this channel as long as possible. The last 3 users with voice will receive prizes!

rules: no staff. no bncs. no servers.

Please join #BTN-idle and we will announce when the competition starts.

The 3 winners will receive 100k Bonus, a custom title & 3 invites.

Competition #1 will start immediately.
Competition #2 will start November 1st at 12am GMT.

IRC Info:
Please refer to the BTN Knowledge Base for information on how to setup an IRC client and connect to the BTN IRC channel!

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