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We're back!

You guys deserve an explanation of exactly what went down in the last few days, although there's no easy way to give bad news.

There was a database crash on our main server that corrupted all of our data. The good news is that we have managed to recover almost all of the database. As fate would have it, however, the tables that we were unable to recover included those for torrents, and those for users. This, of course, is where our backup solution would come into play. Due to the size of our database, and the importance of uptime, some conventional methods of backing up are unavailable to us, and we opted for a method that gave you no downtime. However, the backups themselves, due to an oversight on our part, were not correctly implemented and as such, torrents and users are now rolled back to the last available good backup from the end of July. We did manage to recover some data from the corrupted tables, so some recent torrents could be saved. Also, stats (upload and download) are recovered from 10 days ago.

What this means to your account:

If you joined in the month of July or earlier, then your ten most recent days' worth of Uploaded and Downloaded stats (and your Ratio) have been rolled back.

For users who originally joined after the cutoff (effectively August 1, 2010), we have their email addresses and have sent all of them new invites. Those users can be re-associated with their old accounts (forum posts, PMs, etc.) by contacting a staff member with the necessary information (send a private message with your account details and a brief explanation).

If you know somebody who joined after the cutoff, inform that person that a new invite has been sent by the site. Do NOT personally send an invite to any user whose account was lost!

What this means to the torrents (and how you can help to fix them):

We lost almost all of the information associated with torrents uploaded in the last month, but we recovered most of the actual .torrent files. Using these files and data from the log, we were able to reconstruct the torrent information for a whole lot of the missing torrents. However, due to the limited nature of the log, most of these pages are somewhat lacking in information.

The torrents recovered in this way can be seen by browsing to torrents.php?media=Unknown and if users Elite, and higher, can start fixing these up by filling in the missing data, and people without editing access could begin reporting them, we can hopefully recover from this as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

If you needed an incentive to help get us back on track, effective immediately, all newly uploaded torrents will be Freeleech for their first 6 hours on the site.

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