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New Month - New Announcement :lol

Oh c'mon, it's been at least 2 weeks since your favourite 4everannouncing created a new announcement, it's about time you had another one

A huge welcome to all our new members who arrived through the Invite Application page, and we are now closed until further notice, however, if you do have a friend who you think could benefit by being here, then please use the Invite App link (if you qualify of course) here Invite App.

Are you lost navigating your way through PtN V2?  Or just so new you have not yet figured out what is where etc, then you should read this fantastic review by Kasdeya   Welcome To PtN, thank you for that an excellent guide indeed, but it's still a current ongoing competition, and if you think you can do better - then go fir it!

August Activity - well, we do have a few members who love to upload, download & seed (which is what we are about right??), and you can see who the most active members were Here, it will take some while to see who has won the most points, but well done to everybody who took part, thank you

If you wish you had got involved and were looking for an invite or 2, or huge amounts of gold, then don't just sit there, get involved in the all new September Activity Thread Here.

Your Ptn Needs You

We are always looking for uploaders, so who & what are we actually looking for? Please read Here, and if you think you can help, then drop us a PM or catch us on irc, the more the merrier

So that's it till the next announcement, and if you think of anyway that PtN can be improved, then feel free to let us know, we are always looking for ways on how to do things better, although I can't think of any right now

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