New to GFT?

So, a new site and and you're new here...

Here are a few do and dont:

*Download what you like. We have no ratio and you need only to share it for 48 hours minimum. Remember that we are a not ratio site. Downloading a lot does not punish your ratio! Tho GFT has never been about racing torrents with 200 seeders that downloads it and 1 user actually play the game or see the movie. Most people download what they really want.

* Seed more than the minimum requirement! Sharing leads to promotions and promotions increase benefits for you. Ranks can be read about int the FAQ.

* Post in the forum, its nice to hear from you users. Just dont forget to see if 200 others have posted their own thread in the same matter.

* Come to IRC. Not only do you get the chance to talk to 400+ (as of this moment) but you also get bonus for being in our channel.

* Report things that is wrong. Missing files, corrupt files, some user harrassing you or anything else that shouldn't be there. Staff is always here for you.

* Hit and run. You may turn off your machine over night and you may share your 48 hours over about a weeks time but thats it, when the minimum time has passed you will have a HNR. For some users, 1 HNR is a ban. Others can get up to 4.It all depends on how long you have been a member, how many files it was and how many HNR you had before.

* Unshare stuff becaue its nuked, missing files or any other damn reason you can think of. Often crack fixes and sync fixes are released, missing rars uploaded and un-nuked due to a bad nuke. Ground rule here is as long as you're not staff you dont make up your own rules and share until told otherwise!

* Upload crap. Sometimes people upload virus infected stuff. Check your shit before its uploaded and for heavens sake, a movie trilogy with all 3 movies on site does not need a GFT-GEM pack of the 3 movies. Not until the others are gone...

* Whine about the rules if you dont know what you are whining about. For a single user i might not make sense why proxys are not allowed and for a single user it might not make sense why you have to be warned even if you still share what you got a hit and run for. Tell you what, dealing with hundreds of these creates

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