SciHD IRC Weekend!

It's time for another IRC Weekend! Think of it like a big SciHD party in IRC! There'll be prizes, competitions, and cake! Here are the details:

- Starting noon GMT, Friday August 27, and running until midnight GMT, Sunday August 29.
- If we reach 100 users in IRC: global freeleech for two days, plus everyone gets credits just for being there!
- If we reach 200 users in IRC: global freeleech for a week, plus everyone gets even more credits!
- Live trivia
- Poker
- Random giveaways and drawings
- SciHD Radio contests

You'll notice that said "SciHD Radio", and that's right! We now have a radio stream, with music and science shows. Get more information and check it out at


We have literally millions of credits to give out over the weekend. Not only that, but we've decided to give out invitations and VIP slots as well! Some will be given out by us, but others will be left up to you to vote on! So save the date, and come hang out!

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