PtN V2 Is Here

Welcome To The Official Opening Of PtN V2

Yes, after months of hard work & dedication by the amazing, the one & only tutipute, we can now finally reveal to all our members our newly launched PtN V2.

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot ever thank tutipute enough for all the hours & hours of staring at screen after screen and much coding, so what you see right now is the fruits of all that labour, and I for one am deeply appreciative of the achievement, as I am sure you all are too, and as he stands down on this his last day here as a working member of our team, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you very much for everything you have done here and you will be sorely missed for real Now I'm sure that all our members would also like to pass on their gratitude as well, and you can do that Here SSL

And I would also like to publicly thank cox and Aleks10 for their contribution in getting us to where we are today.

You can take time to say a general thank you and Welcome to PtN V2 in this thread Here SSL

Well, what is new? Or more to the point, what is not new!

I could go on & on & on about the fabulous new features that have been introduced, but the best way to see what is new is to read the new forum explaining V2 in detail here PtN V2 Forum SSL & PtN V2 Forum Non-SSL

Please, take time to read all the new PtN V2 forum before asking questions on how do I do this or that, most will have been covered already. However, if you find your question has not been answered, then ask in the support thread.

Do feel free to explore all facets of the site, press all the new shiny buttons, check out all the new features, switch your themes around, check out the panels on the left in the new default theme, and report any bugs you find or ask your questions in the new PtN V2 Forum as above.

There are some amazing new themes, go to your profile to check them out Here SSL

So, it is a whole new browsing experience, and one which should be enjoyed and used to its maximum potential, so we can iron out the bugs and make the enjoyment even better.

And 2 points that are important right now:

Site is supported in FF3.X, FF4.X, Chrome 5.X, Chrome 6.X and Opera 10.X

TV Shows are no longer allowed in PtN

On behalf of all the staff, enjoy PtN V2 and shout about it throughout the world (without giving out too much info though)

And finally, this is not the end of improvements, far from it, we have plans for many more changes in the future, so stay tuned folks, we have an exciting journey ahead for sure

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