Help keep Waffles online!

You guys have done great at keeping Waffles alive for almost 3 years now! However, the site needs your help right now more than ever. As you know, we recently had to stop accepting donations via PayPal directly. This is still the case, but now we have the replacement set up!

To donate, you will now be purchasing something - digital goods. These will vary as time goes by, but for now are simply PDFs or PNGs of sticker print-outs. To change your contribution amount, you update the quantity in increments of 5 dollars/euros/etc. Your account will be updated to donor status if you put your username in the Referrer box.

We need to make up for the time lost when there was no ability to donate. It's up to you guys if you want to keep Waffles online, so let's "buy" some sticker printouts!

Remember: It's not really about the stickers, it's about the cause - paying the server bills to keep Waffles running.

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