CN - New uploading rules

Please note the following rule that has now been added to The Family's Uploading Rules:

Uploading of rar'ed versions of torrents is not allowed (scene and P2P included). You may however include any subtitle files, in the format they were offered.

This applies to any new torrent you upload at the site from here on out. We understand that some of our members are using seedboxes and may not be aware of the capability to unrar files at the box itself (this doesn't apply for all seedbox users). It's time to brush up on your skills and learn something new.

We as staff will be doing the same and will be there to help, if needed, for this transition. For those that don't use boxes and upload from your home connections, we hope that your uploads were already in an unrar'ed format.

A big thank you, to everyone who's uploading! Your efforts are surely appreciated by everyone!

Edit: we are currently making substantial changed to the web-site, the cash per hour feature currently malfunctions. There is no need to be worried about it as it is only a visual error. Your cash is still being calculated as it should.

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