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We have decided to make the site freeleech when the donations reach 100% till the end of the month. If we manage to hit 133% we will make the site freeleech and double up. This will happen every month we hit those targets.

Please note due to all the recent out of pocket expenses over the last few months any surplus will be kept for emergencies so we are not hit so hard with financial problems. The donations counter will be reset to $0 each month so we can set the freeleech and double up to the site when it reaches 100% and 133% respectively.

If all goes well for a few months and we can anticipate paying for both emergencies and out of pocket expenses that may arise, we will look into adding some new features to the site. Once again thank you all for saving CN and helping keep this place both alive and expanding!

EDIT: You are now able to see your cash per hour when you hover over your cash amount in your profile pages or the Quick Panel


//CN Staff

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