BTN - A word about "giveaway/trading" forums

Just to re-enforce this:

The giving away/trading of invites/bonus points/anything BTN related outside of BTN forums is strictly forbidden.

The ONLY exception to this is giving away invites in a class-restricted forum inside another PRIVATE TRACKER. The key word here is tracker, not tracker forum, not invite forum.

From this point forward we will no longer be lenient with those on the receiving end of such giveaways. If you participate in any non-sanctioned BTN giveaway (if the site has "invites" in their name, you can be 100% sure it is NOT sanctioned), you will lose your account.

Furthermore, your best way to avoid any hassles in this regard is to simply not be a member of any invite forums. If you aren't even a member of the forum, you can't get in trouble for anything that happens there. Notice this DOES NOT say we will ban you just for being a member, we are simply recommending you not associate yourself with these people.

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