P2P Elite: P2P Database and Release Group Home

P2P Database and Release Group Home

The idea behind it is:

Giving the P2P a 'Pre' Database, like Scene w/steriods. Not only does it have a full feature database, which release groups can post the title, pictures, nfo, samples of the releases but soon it will feature a voting/ranking system which is being put in to rank release groups. Video, Audio, Compatibility. Voting continues until something better gets released, then the scores get tallied up; for a winner. Example, a CAM gets released by a group. That groups gets points for being first. Then every other group will release theres... members of the site chooses which is best by ranking video, audio, compatibility. Then when a TS gets announced "pre" then the voting automatically stops and the winning CAM gets a green check and the release group gets points (respect points) comments can be left for releases also.

Now with the profile system, release groups get a profile like myspace. Members of the site also get profiles and it has added features like being able to use myspace layouts, post youtube videos on there profile and post them into the system for ranking and comments, PM other users or groups, release group list with ranking, you can have open debates with the community, chatroom built in and soon to be built into the release groups profile pages, built in instant messenger to chat in real time between each other, file sharing, picture sharing with private pictures option.. so much more and more coming.

Current release groups who have helped and bug tested are (members):
Rx, 420Demons (*THC*), PrisM, iMAGiNE, KiNGDOM, FLAWL3SS, MAGNET, n0ir, [NoFS], Blackjesus...
and its only been a week. (going to be featured in nfo files as a contact point)

Site NFO: Here 
PRE Database: Here

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