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VTN has made a lot of changes simce is open in late May.  I would not call it a compleat overhal but we have put a lot of little detail into the forum.  Anything from color options of your username to a market and a betting system (we had great sucesess with the world cup)  Our forum welcomes everyone from around the world to come and share their experences from real life to the bit torrent world.
The unique thing about our forum is that it offers new useres accesss to bengier trackers ( by that I mean some of the more larger and more publicy known trackers)  VTN is place to get your feet wet wile making friends.  There are tracker reviews along with site contests , and a place to get invites.  One of the most interesting thing about VTN is that  once you really get a feel of the bit torrent world you maybe asked to join its big sister site Etiv, Which is a larger forum where you may find anything and everything you are looking for.
Our focues at VTN is accitivity.  We want to know who you are and what your interested in.  We are not a huge community (we do have almost 600 members is two months) so everyone on the forum will get to kow you.  We have a more then helpful and friendley staff that help you with what they can.  VTN is not only a invite forum it’s a place to hang out and gain some knowledge  on what you love.
Our biggest anouncenment is We have went closed signups, but ALL members (unless this is abused) can invite. Just remember just like on a tracker you are responsible for who you invite.
 We also have an interview channel at #VTN-Interview that is open as well.
Along with closed signups we also have a very nicely laid out wiki page and a Blog

There are a few features on the site here that I would tell New members about.

1. The VTN Market: This is probably one of the coolest and funnest parts of the site. Think of it as a reason to post and reason to get to know people. The way it works is that the more you post, the more points you get. The more points you get the more stuff you can enhance your profile with. There are also "secret" forums on the site that have point multipliers if you post in them. You can see some of the features available by looking at my sidebar when I post a new reply:
UPDATE: The original market is shut down. It has been brought to my attention that there are a few bugs in the system and until that is rectified that market will be shut down until further notice. There is a new market, that is more customizable, and has more security on the site now and is active. The username/title colors and glow are things that you can get in the market. You can also change your title in there as well. The market is located in the VTN extras menu.

2. Java IRC: want to talk to the awesome people in IRC but don’t have and IRC program installed? No problem! all you have do is go to the VTN Extras menu and click the "IRC Chat" link and it will send you to page with a java client. 3. New chatbox: There is a new chatbox on the site now as well. This is where site announcements will be posted. Also it will notify of new threads in some choice sections of the site. It's just like the other one, it's just got a few more features. ----> MOD+: if you want to stick something type /sticky and then your content and it will make it sticky 4. New Thanks/Like system: this is probably the coolest new add on. It's just like the old thanks system mostly, besides it gives you points for thanking people. You can also "like" a post (like on facebook) if you want. And you can of course do both to one thread if you like it that much l Besides that it should be pretty self explanatory. Here's a screen shot of the new buttons:

5. New Userclass and Renaming: There is now a new userclass called "Graduate" this is just to signify that you have been on the site and are active. It's got the same priv's as "Beginner" (the new name for N00b) right now but it will change here in the future. So keep checking back. You can see a complete list of the userclasses below

6. Moderator and Graphics team applications. These are located under the VTN Extras menu. Anyone can fill them out, and they are only visible to other MOD's on the site.

7. There is now a betting system on the site here. Think of it as a way, to earn more points for the market and for you to have a chance at predicting the outcome of a game or other thing.

8. Download Box and PDF Linking: This is mostly for someone to use if they want to upload a file to one of the media hosts and put a direct link in their posts.

that one will make it so you can download the default banner for the DarkVision template (if your wanting to make a banner.   There is also a [pdf] tag that will embed any pdf you find on the net into the posts. but that one is just for random uses.

9. VTN Image Hosting: After finding out that this concept works so well at Etiv I have decided to bring it here. There is now image hosting built-in to VTN as well. You can use it to host your avatars/signature pictures and just about anything to do with images. Even PSD's for photoshop.

10. Online Photoshop: The final add on is a PhotoShop Online. This can be used by anyone, it's not even hosted on the site here, it's just a embedded version that was released to the public a while ago. If you want to use PS, but don’t feel like downloading it or whatever, this is for you.

11. We now have a movie of the week discussion thread.  Movie of the week offers our members the opportunity to discuses what they liked and maybe what they did not like about the movie.

At VTN we offer a few different skins each one different then the other here’s a peek:

Skin One: Dark V1

Skin Two:  Scream

Skin Three: A taste of Etiv : )

Original review by Buddha. THX

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