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New Features & Updates

We have some exciting new features for GGn that are in the works, all of which our developers are hard at work on.

Some have already been implemented. For example, it is now possible to upload torrents with individual files of over 2GB, to help make things that much easier for uploaders.

Speaking of making things easier for uploaders, another exciting feature nearing beta stage is our auto upload form filler system, Uploady. Tired of scouring the internet trying to put together beautiful game descriptions? Not to worry, our new integrated system will do all the hard work for you.

To help better accomodate the intelligent form fillin' bot, there are going to be some improvements to the way uploads are stored. For example, you'll soon be able to add all your screenshots directly on the upload form and even add YouTube trailers for some of the higher budget games out there!

All of this information will be neatly organised on the torrent details page.

We are also working on storing game review ratings. Soon you'll be able to add review ratings from various sources, or let Uploady add one in for you!

What you can Expect

Here's a summary of what you can expect in the near future:

  • Screenshots - form fields right on the upload form
  • Review Ratings - from Metacritic, IGN, GameSpot, CNET etc.
  • Uploady - the clever auto upload form filler bot
  • Hit & Run - up-and-download torrents assured of fast and reliable speeds
  • ESRB Ratings - soon you'll be able to filter your searches by ESRB or PEGI ratings
  • Better NFO's - a smarter way of handling NFOs to help make descriptions cleaner
  • 'My' Platforms - show only the games for platforms you own on the browse list
  • Account Parking - going away? As jealous as we are, you can be sure your account will be here when you get back
  • RSS Feeds & Announces - we'll be improving the RSS feeds and writing an IRC announcer so you can grab your favourites as soon as they come out - Freeleech!

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