BitHQ's Wall of Shame

There is a never-ending struggle going on between private trackers and people who think to gain something by cheating. Well, let us inform you, cheaters do not gain anything by cheating. In fact, it is so easy to maintain a decent ratio on BitHQ, you shouldn't even have to cheat.

Cheaters will eventually always be caught up with. Sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes they get identified fast. We are aware of certain active cheat-promoting websites (such as a certain German one, located in Luxembourgh), cheatprograms such as RM, PMR, WM and so on.. Don't worry, we know what to look for. The BitHQ staff is always actively searching for those who try to cheat the system, and they get a lot of help from a big share of fair playing users along the way: nobody likes cheaters.

BitHQ recently got some new tools to it's proposal, and will likely add a few more in the near future. And with these we also added this current page, the 'Wall of Shame', where you really do not wish to be seen on as a cheater. We will show usernames, IP addresses, used emails and so on of those who tried to cheat us. If you end up on this page, you will not be seen only to BitHQ members but you will be seen by virtually the whole wide world as people will not have to be a member to see the Wall of Shame. We all know how Google works, try to get yourself removed from that once the page gets indexed ;)

If you don't cheat, you have nothing to worry. Only people from whom we are 100% sure they cheat, we will show these details. If you give back what you took, like you should when torrenting (after all, if nobody shares, there wouldn't be much people interesting in giving either), you have nothing to fear.

If you are a cheater, and think to yourself "Ha! But I use a fake email address, a fake IP address or whatever", then rest assured, every change you make is stored in the system and will end up on our Wall of Shame.

Trust us, you do not wish to be listed here. It's your own choice to try and cheat here..

To the owners of other communities: feel free to use the data below as you see fit, we know for sure you don't like to have these people in your community either ;)

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