Inside BTRealm & Open Registration

BTRealm is one of the torrent invites forum out there. But is one of the best with very nice community and established members. From now is also open signup.

So lets look inside.

First some quote from the owner of BTRealm:

We are also in the middle of an overhaul, with a new VPS purchased to run our own IRC server from, a move of the database to one of our own servers to host the site from, and a style/skin overhaul in the coming week. None of this shall  effect the site with any downtime as it will all be done in the background without any affect to members.

Tracker Giveaway sections have also seen a major overhaul, being cleaned up completely and members have been asked to provide new GA threads for a clean start and new approach. We have a very high level of tracker GA's and for this reason alone we are very strict on conduct within these sections. We expect members to be community focussed first and foremost, and the pursuit of obtaining trackers second. The Staff and higher rank members on the site (Honorary, 1337) all frequent the top private trackers in various guises and expect members to conduct themselves properly. Spam is not tolerated outside designated spam threads/forums.

We also aim to be a learning environment, and will now be attaching two Blogs, one from our Linux Guru that contains graphical and very easy to follow tutorials/guides that will cover everything from rTorrent/ruTorrent installation to the more headier nightmare on compiling Gazelle.

It will be exciting to have new members integrated in to the community and join us during this upheaval and see the changes taking place first hand, while enjoying our wonderful community and growing with us.

Stats of BTRealm:

GA's have separate, nice and clean sections:

There are areas where Top Members have access to Top Invites:

Offcourse you can find sections when you can talk just about everything e.g. Seedboxes, TV, Movies, torrents.

InsideBT is very impressed!

Previously invite only forum now is open for everybody.

You can find signup link: Here

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