FTN is Alive!!!

According to numerous reports FTN is still alive and will continue to operate. This in light of recent events that had the most prominent and elite tracker to many of the btworld closing due to donations or lack thereof.

How does this impact the reputation for the exclusive tracker? Many think this will tarnish what was once known as the most hard to get invite in the private tracking world. Comments from various message forums have been majority negative, and many complain that the closed door policy has in fact hurt the ratio free site and could be the main reason why donations for server costs have been a nagging problem.

The fact of the matter is, this is not the first time FTN has gone to its members with a plea for donations. But maybe the most important fact is that the site is still kicking and striving. A testament to what FTN claims to be their biggest asset, the community. A community who for the second time has come through with enough donations to cover costs and keep their ultra private community, ultra alive.

FTN's donation troubles of late may have deterred a few p2p'ers to scratch them off of their wish list, and comments about money hungry staff are inevitable to come. But for the second time within the past few months its members have rallied to keep their so called l33t community alive, and something tells me that a push like this made by its members could make FTN's ultra elite image remain intact.

A community is a hard thing to establish when managing a private tracker, but to have a community that constantly comes out of their own pocket to save their home is rare. FTN has proven that they have just that, a rare community, making getting into that community even more rare.

So before you write off the tracker that was once known as the number 1 most requested invite, take a look at its members, because in the world of Bit torrent one thing always holds true. Actions speak louder than words.

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