XNT Interview Time!

XNT is a great 0 Day tracker with very good Pre-Times, check the #Tracers for more details. The speeds are amazing cause the files are hosted on 100 Mbit seedboxes and then are the users that are from Sweden and they too have great speeds. The community is more for Swedish ppl cause that section of the forum is the most active.

Full review - Inside Excellent.nu - Here

Answer the questions and send them to xnt.interview@gmail.com

1. Where are you from?
2. Why do you want to join xnt?
3. Are you a member of other private tracker?  If yes, post a few profile links
4. Make two speedtests from different servers (http://speedtest.net for example)
5. Do you trade or sell invites?
6. Do you use programs or hacks to achieve a good ratio?
7. How can you help the xnt community?
8. Post your email address here, if you get accepted an invite will be sent to this email.

Good Luck!

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