What - New user (sub)classes!

The TorrentMaster class was created at a time when 500 uploads seemed like a daunting task. FLAC->MP3 conversion scripts were things that only belonged to those bothering to code them, and the ease of generating 400 new MP3s from 100 FLACs with the help of better.php simply didn't exist.

Times have changed, and as such, we've decided to revamp the TorrentMaster userclass. Any users meeting the old TM requirements will, at the very least, still belong to the original TorrentMaster class. Two higher subclasses (Power TM and Elite TM) have new, more difficult requirements to be met. The differences between the three subclasses are as follows:

TorrentMaster (a.k.a. the old TM requirements) - Been here at least 8 weeks, has uploaded at least 500 torrents and 500GB, ratio above 1.05 (Access to the TorrentMaster forum, earns custom title).
Note: TorrentMasters are demoted to Elite if their uploaded amount drops below 500GB, or their current uploaded torrent total is less than 500.
Can send unlimited invites.

Power TorrentMaster - Same as TorrentMaster, but has also uploaded one or more torrents in at least 500 unique groups (albums). Same privileges as TorrentMaster. Note: Power TMs are demoted to TorrentMaster if their current uploaded torrent total contains less than 500 unique groups.

Elite TorrentMaster - Same as Power TM, but has also uploaded at least 500 torrents that are "perfect" FLAC (100% log for CD, or any Vinyl/DVD/Soundboard/WEB FLAC). Same privileges as TM. Note: Elite TMs are demoted to Power TM if their current uploaded torrent total contains less than 500 100% FLAC, Vinyl FLAC, and/or WEB FLAC.

As of this news post, there is no difference in terms of privileges for the different TM subclasses, though this is subject to change.

We already have a handful of users in the Elite TorrentMaster class, and we congratulate those who managed to put forth such hard work with no extrinsic motivation--you have given the rest of the TMs something to strive towards!

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