Underground Gamer Up Again

Welcome back!

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, Underground Gamer took an extended vacation this past week. So what happened?

Quite simply, a member of the site emailed our host, claimed to represent a Brazilian anti-piracy organization, and asked that Underground Gamer be taken down immediately due to copyright violations. Despite the fact that UG does not host any copyrighted content, and that very similar functionality can be achieved with a google search, our former host uncompromisingly decided to shut us down.

This sent the UG administration team into a frenzied reconnaissance and recovery mode. We have determined from our access logs that the member who reported us was a long-time member of UG, bG, and other private trackers as well. We do not know what their motivation was, nor are we convinced that they are actually a member of an anti-piracy organization. What we will be doing is notifying other private trackers about this member in an attempt to get them blacklisted from all of the major private trackers.

Despite our extensive backups, recovery was a relatively slow process as we took our time picking out a new host, waiting for a server to be setup to our specifications, and then setting everything up properly. What we didn't want to do was rush UG back online and destroy the user experience as a result. We expect the site to be operating at full capacity. However, if you encounter any glitches, please report them to us in the Site Help & Errors forum.

As a result of the actions of this member, we have decided to close open signups, regardless of the current user capacity, and invite distribution will be adjusted as we move forward. Further administrative actions will be taken as we figure out exactly the best way to safeguard the community we've all come to love. We certainly won't allow a few bad apples to put the entire community in jeopardy.

So welcome back everyone! Have fun, and although it has only been a few days, let's get re-acquainted in the forums.

All the best,
// UG Staff

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