SeX - Site updates

Dear SeX Members!
In the past week we have been working hard to make the site better and better as days go by.
Here are some of the latest changes

Snatch Policy System:
From this moment on we are starting a activity system also known as the “Snatch Policy System”.
Users who avoid following the requirements of this system will get warned and later on banned.

So how does this system work?
Every month (every 30 days) you MUST download and fully seed at least 2 torrents above 100 MB. There is absolutely no excuse to not follow this policy. We are providing our members with the latest and absolute best releases, and we also have many FreeLeech torrents. If you cannot download at least two small torrents (100 MB and above) every month – you have absolutely nothing to do here.
The userclass of “Brakeman” and above are exempt from this system.

The Spam Section
We are happy to introduce you to our new browse section, also known as the Spam section!
The name is a bit ironic since there are many useful releases there.
However, we are happy to announce that all releases in the Spam section are FreeLeech!
This includes Applications, AudioBooks, E-Books, Mobile, Music & Music Videos.

Don't forget you'll still need to seed these back according to the rules.
Packs are still FreeLeech, despite keeping their place in the "Torrents" section!
Happy leeching!

Turning FreeLeech off and back on:
Some of our users expressed to us that it was really hard for them to keep up with the downloading requirements because of all the freeleech. We heard you and have now created an option that lets you turn off/on freeleech at anytime. You can find this option on your profile page.
The options called "Disable FreeLeech".

New Login Page:
In order to avoid unwanted publicity we’ve created a new login page.
To login you'll need to type "sex" in the search field, without the quotes, so simply type: sex
Once you've typed sex you will be able to type in your login information and login.

Hitting The 20 000 Torrents Mark:
As you all know a few days ago we hit the 20K mark! This is a great achievement. Afterall the tracker launched 3 weeks ago. We would like to congratulate all our members as well as giving the uploaders a big Thank You!

Beta Status:
We are happy to inform you that we are almost done with our beta stage. The estimated time for SeX v1.0 is in approximately two weeks. We would like to thank the users who helped us track down the bugs so we could fix them.

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