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Quotet opinions from customers:

I was impressed with the site, for a seedbox host the site is very professional looking. The selection of semi-dedicated and dedicated servers is good and I felt the price to be extremely fair. I started out with a German hosted SEMIDEDI LARGE @ 24.95 per month and it has great speeds (reaching up to 10MB/s down and up). Over time the 75GB of space just wasn't enough because I do a lot of HD content and with BluRay encodes being upwards of 15GB for a movie you can see 75GB would run out quick. I upgraded to a US hosted SEMIDEDI EXTRALARGE @ 29.95 per month (a reasonably low increase in cost for almost double the HDD space) again the speeds are great at around 10MB/s down and up and with it being US hosted and me living in the US the FTP speeds transferring off of and onto my box were noticably increased compared to the German hosted seedbox. It has unlimited active torrents, unlimited bandwidth per month only 3 slots per server and the rutorrent interface is clean and simple to use (basically utorrent but web-based)

I've been using Xirvik now for around 3 months and have only one thing negative to say and that is when I switched from German to US hosted, my seedbox can no longer connect to Waffles.fm for torrenting. For whatever reason a US hosted box is blacklisted at Waffles and a German is not, so just a warning to anyone looking at Xirvik, if you use Waffles DO NOT get a US hosted Xirvik seedbox. Every other tracker I use: HDME, BtN, TV, IPT, AHD, What.cd, HD-T all connect and work great. Aside from the Waffles.fm issue I've got 0 complaints about the Xirvik service itself, from their seedbox features to the pricing to the speeds, it's all great.


- Quick setup, slots always available
- Very reliable (dedi and semidedi - I had some trouble with the cheapest shared box)
- Good support either through email or IM, though it's actually just one guy and he's either awake or not
- Great speeds on dedi and semidedi
- You can get a server for one month just to fix your ratios, no setup fee on most stuff.
- Excellent setups with rutorrent, SSL FTP with a watchdir, etc. Xirvik really knows how to set up a nice seedbox.


- No gigabit options
- High storage options are expensive
- Support is efficient but not particularly friendly

I'm very happy with them and the semidedicated servers are a good option, but if you want a dedicated and can handle your own box, you'd get a better deal going with OVH/Feral etc direct.

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  1. I have to agree, I have the same box and haven't had many issues at all. However, it does seem that there are a few places that have bannned that particular seedbox IP range for some reason.