RevTT - mass bans?

Some users have been banned from RevTT last days, and are redirected to page :
The 10 Best Ways to Get Banned From a Private Tracker by Sharky.

Lots of this users have good stats, never had a warning, they acc are old and now they are banned. If you are banned that means that you invite user from banned country (id you invite him/her from Jan 2010 until now).

Here is a explanation:

Users from the following regions are banned from obtaining any invites: Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. Do not apply for invites if you are from any of these regions.

Invites sent to these locations as of Jan 2010 will result in banning of both the invitee and the inviter's account.

This thread is for invite requests only please do not post if you're from a banned country or to complain about it. The decision to exclude members wasn't made lightly. The fact remains though RevolutionTT is a global community and with 200+ countries in the world most of the user issues were coming down to to the same 10 constantly. Up until this point we have been punishing only those problem users but it has become extremely time consuming to do so. So steps were taken to exclude those problem area from GWW this time around but the problem remained. Easily 80% of the site bans since have been users that were blocked from sign-ups all together. As a result we have made the block permanent. It is unfortunate but we have allowed current members from these regions to stay we are just no longer accepting new users from there.

You can go to RevTT irc channel but you wan't be probably unbanned.

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