PTN - Uploading Monthly Challenge

Are you up for a challenge, do you like to upload and share your content, would you be willing to share it with us here at PtN? If so, read on.

As you are aware, you all have upload rights here at PtN, so we would like you to use them more often, and in that regard we will reward you for uploading and sharing amongst the community here at PtN.  What we are aiming for is to get more content upped, and hopefully improving on the pre-times as well, a win-win for everyone here at PtN.So how will this work I hear you ask?

The Challenge will be open to Deckhands and above from 01 June 2010 (so all you Swabbies really need to get yourself promoted to be able to take part and be the best you can be - so get downloading - and uploading if you want to get some practice in beforehand, don't forget, uploading & downloading are all counted singularly towards your stats here!

There will be a thread for each month in the Deckhands & Cabin Mates lounge where each participant can post their uploads and how many points they are claiming, points will be awarded as follows:

20 points per upload

Extra Points will be awarded if these conditions apply:

10 extra points if pre is less than 1 hour
01 extra point per GB (ie 0 points if less than 1GB, 4 points if 4.00-4.99 GB)

This will be in addition to the gold you get automatically by the system as explained at /mygold.php

Filling requests does not count as you get the 2 x bonus gold for filling the request in the Request Thread.

Each point will be converted into Gold at the end of each month and manually added to your account by the staff.

As an extra incentive to the gold, the most active members will also receive invites as follows:

Person with most points each month gets 3 invites
2nd gets 2 invites
3rd gets 1 invite

Be the best 2 months consecutively or 3 times in total over any period and you can ask to be promoted to Master Gunner bypassing all the user classes in between, only if you wish to, this is not binding on the member nor the staff.

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