PP - IRC Idle Bonus

ust a quick one.
First of all i want to thank all those that donated last month, without you he site would die.

Secondly i want to let the new members know that you can get additional bonus points by residing in peerportal's IRC chat channel and win even more points in peerportal's trivia irc channel.
You can join us in irc by either downloading peerportal's mirc. Failing that you can use peerportal's java chat, but imo thats a bit ghay lol.

So come on meet some of peerportal's members and maybe make some new friends in IRC
other good points to being irc are, you get to see new uploads before they are listed on site therefore you get to benefit from the server speeds before anyone else.
There are lots of bot commands that can entertain you aswell as retreive information on films/weather/urban dictionary and many more.

See you there

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