Ntorrents closing?

Ladies and gentlemen, the big news. NTorrents is closing, our xbox sister-site XTorrents is not going to be released. We're simply combining resources into a powerful gaming tracker instead. All your favorite staffers, a few new ones, and a fresher (less buggy) gazelle code. Combine this with a new look, including a few modifications, along with our reputation of an outstanding community. We welcome you to PWNnetwork.net.

Why is this happening you ask? Easy, we want to advance beyond the constraints of offering one company's games, and we don't want to split our userbase among two sites to do it. This will be a gradual process instead of an instantaneous action though, NTorrents will stay open as an archive until we get our most dedicated users to switch over to PWNnetwork. Sign up with PWN will be separate from NT, so yes, you will lose all of your stats. Don't worry too much though, for an undetermined amount of time after the site goes live, we will support an integration processes where we will transfer your upload and download stats from NT to PWN. Everything else will be lost.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I have more news. After our raffle is closed, and we've gotten the prizes to the winners sent out, we will also be issuing beta access to PWN to every person who purchased a ticket in the raffle. This will be a beta period, in order for a decent amount of users to test the site, pitch ideas, and help work out issues before PWN officially goes live. So, if you don't want to wait until we launch the site to check out what PWN has to offer, go buy that ticket! Not only will you get into PWN early, but you will have a chance to win one of those great prizes.

We appreciate everyone in our community, and we hope, even though the NT journey will be ending, that we will continue being awesome through PWN.


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