Inside SceneSound

SceneSound is a tracker dedicated to scene music. It has 2800 new torrents, 18500 archive torrents (they are all freeleech) and over 100 lossless torrents. The forums are not very active, but keeping a good ratio is very easy.

You get your ratio from the amount you have uploaded divided by the amount you have downloaded. To maintain a good ratio you should be seeding all of your torrents for as long as possible. Of the amount you download only 1/3rd will be registered which will make it easier to keep a high ratio. If your ratio gets too low and sinks below 0.75 you will be warned and after that banned if you dont get ahold of it.

SceneSound is using the grade system "Digg" which means you digg/vote on the album/singles you like. We encourage everyone to always digg the album/singles they like because the toplists are based on those results. On all albums/singles with 5 or more diggs you will be able to see related music in their details.

Scenesound has unique support for multilanguage which means that we can continuously add new languages to the site. You can easily choose the language you prefer from your profile. If you want to help with the translation of more languages or point out typos dont hesitate to contact the staff.

Everyone higher than class Newbie will be able to upload torrents to New and Archive. The minimum requirement from your connection speed is 0.75 Mbit. Scenesound is currently only accepting scene releases.




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