Exclusive PtN Packs and SKALiWAGZ iNTERNAL Rips

It has been brought to our attention that some members are uploading our exclusive Packs and SKALiWAGZ iNTERNAL Rips to other sites, which is highly unacceptable.
SKALiWAGZ is our iNTERNAL encoding team. Our encoders spend hours creating good quality rips for you to enjoy. The least that is expected from members is that they seed according to site rules and refrain from sharing exclusive content elsewhere.

I'd like to make our rules about sharing Exclusive content, abundantly clear:

  • Members are NOT allowed to upload our torrents anywhere.
    Having said that, members CANNOT create a new .torrent file using content from our Exclusive Packs and/or iNTERNAL Rips and upload them elsewhere.

  • Same goes for uploading exclusive releases from other sites on PtN.

    Violations are usually reported by our vigilant members every now and then. If we receive reports about infringement of such basic rules from now on, strict action will be taken.

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