CN running low on donations

we are running on a low donations since the last month.
last month we only covered around 70% from the monthly approximate costs, and from the look of how things are going on, it seems this month will follow the past month's path.
the loss of the last month was covered by March's extra donations.
however, i hate asking for donations and i wont do it, in fact any dedicated member of CN - who can donate - should think about doing it.
the reason is a very simple calculation,
no donations = no money for our offshore, daily remote backups and irc servers which means a lower quality of CN or no CN at all.


  1. FTN now CN. When these l33t trackers going to learn if they want to stay small and keep out people willing to donate, they will have to cover the burden of the cheap/poor section of their community. They should take a page from gft and have applications, maybe they will stop crying month after month about donations..

  2. Its a shame sites like this would rather threaten a shutdown than open up community to try to stay alive. This shows one of two things, 1- they really don't NEED the money and are looking to fill their pockets up or 2- They are too prideful to open up community to the people needed to keep site alive. If its the latter of the two I don't mind watching sites like this sink.