BTN running low on donations

Like the almighty FTN, we too have had some paypal issues lately. Paypal doesn't like us accepting "donations" without being a non-profit org, so we've had to take the paypal fee hit and accept payments, but due to an overlooked "donation" link on the ircd site page our latest account has been frozen again. We are working to correct any failures and are 100% sure we will. As it stands paypal has taken all our donations again and bills are due soon. We hate to ask, but anyone who can help and wants to help, please do. We will do what we can as well!

But as of now we dont have an account and wont for a couple of days so if a BTN server goes down you know why, but if it comes to it staff will chip in and try to atleast cover the site server costs.

Sorry guys but we'll try our best!

BTN Sysops

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  1. BOO HOO :/ You have to take a hit for "donations" because you are non-profit. There are not many areas in life where people running something are using the word "donation" as a profit making scheme. Unfortunately this is 1 type of genre where the word "donation" is being abused. Kudos for paypal to take a byte of the pie. Lets all be honest.. Your really giving money to a site for either upload credit or invites. Not many "donate" and expect nothing in return. Those are the good people and they are far and few between.