BTN Mascot Competition

What BTN needs is a mascot. Design the best looking mascot that best represents BTN and you could win 100k bonus points and 1 month VIP sponsored by Freshness and BTN!!

If you don't know what I mean. I'm referring to "waffler", and "rippy" from what.cd and waffles. Here is one of the "waffler" from waffles.

The winner will be decided by the community.


  • You can enter as many entry's as you want.

  • It must be in the form of a Tv, Remote, or some kind of tv related idea pertaining to BTN.

  • Including a catchy name could increase your chances of being selected for a final vote.

  • It can be cartoon or realistic. That's up to you.

  • Competition ends June 29th

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