BTN - Code Changes

Well we have been working on some stuff over the past couple of weeks that you may or may not have noticed and we just pushed another couple major features/bug fixes!

Friends got a code and style overhaul a couple weeks ago!

I added a tvnews page from the suggestion of freshness
this is where users can post news in the TV World for others to see!
this is only version 0.1 and shall be updated in the near future!

New Theme
We've added the woodenglass theme modified by henda to the official list!

IRC Notifications
I've changed the notifications system up a tad where now you can select how your notifications are recieved!
you can get Barney to PM your notifications to a certain IRC nick or have the site add it to RSS or Both!

TV Schedule
The TV Schedule got a bit of a tidy up and changes were made hope you enjoy them

Browse Icons
We've added new icons to the browse page, an ipod icon to show that the torrent is meant for a portable device such as an iPod or PSP and a small BTN icon showing that the torrent was uploaded by the official BTN AutoUpload bot.

User Profiles v2 By Henda
Updates to user profiles include;

The ability to choose who can comment on your profile (your options are: anyone, friends or nobody) In order to qualify as a friend, you must be on that users friends list. You can change who can post in your site preferences. By default only friends can post on your profiles.

Attributes removed. Dont worry, they have been replaced by profile badges for those of you who are member
Profile badges can be picked up in many diferent ways throughout site and more will be available to unlock in due time.

Layout Redesign. User profiles have underwent a makeover that gives them a whole new look. Profiles are now allot cleaner and tidier.

User profiles arent finished yet. This is only the release of user profiles v2. In later release you can expect to find; more control over your user profile, the ability to set your own profile stylesheet, more unlockable badges.. The list goes on. I hope you enjoy the work and effort put into this update.

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