Bit-Unit3d could come back

hi guys!

we know it's been awhile since BU has been down. sad to say, it could take awhile.

we have had great members there. a great community. we've also given alot of efforts and time in making BU, our own UNiT3D tracker.

the real pain is how they could just take it away from us in a second. yes, the real problem is on the server side. our host just suspended our account and we need to start from zero.

our files are backed-up but setting it up from server side to final testing would take us alot of time and money. time and money which as of now we don't have.

the only solution we could think of right now is to accept volunteers. those who are really capable of extending their skills and their full time. maybe create a team for BU with our guidance.

if we can not get volunteers, i'm sorry to say but it could take us months before we could start with it.

so guys, for suggestions and comments, please feel free to post below.


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