The X - To our Romanian and Israeli users

Dear Romanians and Israelis.

We are aware that you are having issues downloading/uploading.
The reason this happened was a small problem in our code.
We have already fixed this for most of the users.

We would also like to announce that Romania and Israel are banned from SIGNING UP. Please note that they are NOT banned from USING the tracker, they are just banned from SIGNING UP.
We already have many Romanian users and Israeli users. The reason these two countries are banned from signing up, is simply because the ISP’s in both countries have a good connection inside those countries, but a terrible connection outside of their own countries. So both countries have a bad case for international file sharing.

However, we have invited many users from Romania and Israel, and would like wish to welcome them.
But, from now on new Romanian and Israeli users wont be accepted , so save your invites as they won’t be returned.

Kind Regards,

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