SCL explanation of take down, ver. 2 coming soon?

Dear Scenelife Members

As you know things haven't been going well lately and we apologize for that. But we would like to say that there is an explanation for everything that has happened in the past months.

In the past 7 months – ScL’s owner and coder SScript has been really inactive. He has been even less active than he was before, which basically means he has been spending approximately an hour a week on the site. He has also been leaving for many weeks without letting any other staffers know, leaving the site on its own and constantly forgetting to pay the server costs (which I'm sure you all noticed since the site constantly went down at the start of each month). SScript was never a good owner. Coding issues that were supposed to be dealt with almost 11 months ago are still not done, and yet he was too arrogant to give direct access to other coders so they could help us out.

In the past year the site has basically been ran by it's mods and admins paying the server costs from their own pocket. And if it wasn't for staff members like pedrowsky, MSO, HL, aquirre, ViperMM, scrappen and winnie - the site would have died a long time ago. Of course we also have to mention KS, z7x, nbf, bananafurry and all other ex-staffers when talking about this in general - though the names we mentioned in the first sentence are the people who have had the most influence in the past year.

Around 4 months ago ScL went down for a long period because the owner SScript had issues paying for the server. He claims that he had paypal problems. The other staffers – supportive as always wanted to help him to get ScL back up and perhaps ask you guys to donate a little extra so he can keep running the site. But SScript didn’t have a recent copy of ScLs code and DB (His last copy was 8 months old!). Yes we know – The owner and coder of ScL doesn’t have a copy of his own site? As crazy as it sounds – It’s the truth, so now you can understand why we call him a bad owner. After this we really understood how little he cared about the site – so we decided not to support him anymore.

Anyway after weeks of hard work – MSO managed to find a 2 month old copy of the ScL and then host it on aquirres server. This copy – as everyone noticed didn’t have the torrents backed up, so therefore ScL came back up with 0 torrents.
We have been trying for months to find a way to get our torrents back and trust us – if there was a way to do it, it would have been done a long time ago. This is one of the main reasons why we didn’t give out any info to our members – We simply hoped that we could get our torrents back and that everything could go back to normal. Other reasons for us giving you guys information about the sites status this late was that SScript removed the domain (scenelife.com) since he realized that we are against him now. And as mentioned earlier, we were really far behind on the coding front – so we simply didn’t have a function to mass email our users. However – thanks to mrstonedone (who is actually not a site coder, but an IRC coder) we managed to make a function like this to finally inform you guys about what’s going on.

So what happens now? As tragic and sad as it may be – It’s time for ScL to shut down. We were blessed with the finest community the BT world has ever known and there is no doubt that our members will forever be in our hearts. There is no other tracker and there never will be a tracker with a community as strong and warm as the one ScL had.
But there is still some hope left: ScL will never come back, no. But – The Scenelife Crew is working on a new promising project and would like to welcome our active and loyal members to join us. This tracker is going to be a magnificent tracker – including a reckless design, a magnificent community, and the one thing ScL always missed – LOTS OF TORRENTS. We’ve got sponsors for this project and we got a really nice budget to work our way around. More info about this project will be given later.
Last but not least – We would like to say that our time as staffers on this tracker has been great and we’ve had a lot of fun serving this community. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs, it has been a pleasure to be staffers of a community this amazing. We will surely miss our fine members and we would like to wish you the best of luck in life.
And PS: The forums will be up until further notice.

Take care,

SceneLife crew since 2007

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