Nukes Types

Self explanatory really, it means that the release has been stolen from P2P (so isn't a scene release). This happens a lot with movies if a scene group wants to get a movie out fast and P2P already has it. This does not mean the release is bad however, it should have the same quality (maybe a little less) than a scene release.

Means that the source of the release was stolen from either another scene group or a non-scene source. For example, a movie may have stolen audio from another scene group's release. This shouldn't affect quality.

Bad resolution. This happens with video releases (tv, movies, etc). Basically, the resolution of the video is outside of the scene standards. This may not always affect quality but it is not supported by the scene.

Bad aspect ratio. Similar to above, it means the aspect ratio of the video is not one of the standard ratios defined by the scene rules. This may affect the quality by stretching the image in width or height.

Duplicate release. Means that the release has already been released by another group, so is now a duplicate. This won't affect quality unless the original release was nuked or bad quality.

Means that the release was too small in file size. The scene standards specify certain file sizes to be sure that the best quality is provided. So if a movie, for example, has a lower filesize than it should do, it may lack quality compared to what it could've been like.

Opposite to the above. This means that the release was oversized and too large to fit on the disc it should've been sized for. Shouldn't affect quality much, if at all.

Bad crop means that the release was cropped wrongly so could have edges cut off or too large of an edge. This can greatly affect the quality of a release you download as you may well miss part of the scene being viewed.

bad.ivtc or no.ivtc
Bad IVTC ("inverse telecine") means that the movie was converted incorrectly from the source. This means that the movie will then appear jerky or is oversized.

Means that the video contains black lines which can sometimes cause the video to be unwatchable. If you see a release which has this nuke, do not download it as it may have very bad quality.

Means that the audio isn't VBR (variable bit rate) but rather CBR (constant bit rate). This basically means that the audio is slightly lower quality than it should be. The release should still be watchable but just a little worse than a VBR release.

Exactly what it says, bad frame rate. This usually means that the video will be jerky due to a low framerate.

Basically means a release has been labelled incorrectly. For example, a DVDSCR may be labelled as a DVDRip accidentally (or purposely). In this case, the quality will most likely be worse than it should've been but could still be ok.

A nuke which has been requested by the release group. This will happen if a group repacks a release for some reason.

Means that the audio is out of sync with the video. This is very bad when trying to watch a video and quite annoying. Can happen a lot with CAM, TS and TC releases.

The release was packed incorrectly. Probably means that the release was packed into too many parts or not enough parts. It could also mean that it's simply corrupt and cannot be opened.

If a group releases a proper (fixed release) of another release but the other release appears to be fine, this nuke will occur. In the case of this happening, downloading the original or the nuked one should be fine.

Quarter Pixel (a feature to allow more efficient compression) is not allowed in the scene as it can cause software problems and needs much more resources to decode. A release with this nuke may still be usable but may also work incorrectly.

Means that a ghost effect appears when watching a video. For example, an object moves but can still be seen where it was originally for a short while.

field.shifted, dupe.frames, custom.quant.matrix and blended.frames
These nukes basically mean that, when encoding the video, errors occured and the finished release is not usable. Do not download a release with a nuke like this.

DivX is not allowed in the scene so when a release uses DivX (rather than xvid), it is nuked with this reason.

no.audio or missing.audio
Means no audio came with the release. Obviously, never download a release with this nuke.

If a release is re-ripped by a group, this nuke will be shown so you know to download the re-rip instead of the original.


Same as above but a proper. So if a proper of a release is created, the original release will be nuked with this.

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