MegaLeech - new feature on RevTT

It's New, Its Different it's MEGALEECH!

Donate this weekend in a single donation from €20(non-credit) upwards and €25(credit) upwards and you will have the ability to download as much as you like without it adding to your ratio at all!(upload still adds too!) until the end of Friday 23rd April 2010.

So to make really clear if you donate between the 16th-18th of April 2010 you will get the ability until the END of 23rd April!

When you have activated this ability you will see the MEGALEECH icon flashing on your page up by your friends and inbox tabs etc until the end of the offer.

We hope this helps you grab more things that maybe you wouldn't have normally and maybe expand your mind a little!

E-Checks will not be accepted for this. Due to they usually take 7-10days to clear, so by the time they clear MEGALEECH week would have already finished.

Remember it's unlimited too so there is nothing holding you back!

So why this feature is on? Here some explanation from mass pm:

As you may or may not know RevolutionTT have constantly grown over the past few months, not so much with user numbers but more in the usage levels and activity on the sites pages. This has started to make the current server setup creak and bulge a little in places and we can see some slow down in places starting to creep in!

To combat this before it becomes a major issue we have decided once more to buy another new server to even out everything and guarantee the site stays fast and available to all.

This is not a ultimatum and the site will not disappear if we don't buy the new server, but the slow down will effect all and only get worse so it's in everyone's interest to help out a little!

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