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Top TBDev is a great place when you can vote for the best and the worst trackers. It's very simple. There is a section where you find trackers reviews and where you can add your vote and comment:

Here's a little example how review section looks like:

Currently you can vote for over 130 trackers. There is also a request section for when every user can ask for adding new tracker:

But Top TBDev its not only votes for trackers there is a very active community with own irc channel and very active forum:

Here some statistics:


Top TBDev is great place for everybody who want to know more about trackers, want to know more about torrenting and want to find nice and friendly community with very expirence torrenters (yes, yes lots of good know torrenters).

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Special Thanks

For Top TBDev Staff for this opportunity to bring this excellent site closer for our readers.

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