Inside The Scene - Releases Types

All those scene releases have to be ordered in a clear sys­tem, so it’s easy to look some­thing up.

There­fore the releases are catago­rized in the catagories below.
The most impor­tant catagories are:

TVRip: A rip from a tele­vi­sion show

Movie: Movie in video for­mat
- DiVX (A movie ripped in DiVX for­mat)
- XViD (A movie ripped in XViD for­mat)
- VCD (A movie ripped in VCD for­mat)
- SVCD (A movie ripped in SVCD format)

Apps: Applications

Games: PC games


MP3: Music albums/singles/vinyls/livesets/etc

Con­sole Games: Games for con­soles, such as:
- XBOX (Xbox games)
- XBOX360 (Xbox360 games)
- PS2 (Playsta­tion 2 games)
- NGC (Nin­tendo Game­Cube games)
- GBA (Game­Boy Advance games)
- PSP (Playsta­tion Portable games)

0day: 0day refers to soft­ware, videos, music, or infor­ma­tion released or obtained on the day of pub­lic release. This con­tains:
- E-Bookz (Dig­i­tal tuto­ri­als and howto’s)
- Telephone/PDA Soft­ware
- Kids soft­ware
- Addons (all types of addons for utilities/games)
- Com­mer­i­cal fonts
- Screen­savers
- XXX-imagesets (Image­sets from porn­sites)
- Dox (sin­gle keygens/cracks/fixes)
- Cov­ers (DVD/CD cov­ers)
- Scene stuff

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