How to apply for "The X" tracker

The X - is a brand new private tracker created by old ScL staff.

If you was a member of old ScL and dont receive invite on your mail box you can apply via special application form.

Answer for this questions and send it to specify e-mail adress:

The X Application form:

When did you start private torrenting?
Submit your answer here...

Are you a member on other private trackers? If yes, show us some profile links (Don’t hide your stats)
Submit your answer here...

Do you have a seedbox? If yes, from which company?
Submit your answer here...

How long do you usually seed the torrents you download?
Submit your answer here...

How many torrents do you approximately download each month?
Submit your answer here...

Would you describe yourself as an active member? If yes, why?
Submit your answer here...

Go to www.speedtest.net and take a speed test. You’ll get a unique link that you should paste here:
Submit your answer here...

What's your email address (incase we decide to invite you)
Submit your answer here...

Please note that in order to survive in The X - you must an active and loyal member. If you can not be an active member - don't even bother applying for an invite, as we have a very strict activity system.

Once you have answered those questions: Copy and email it to: thexinterviews@gmail.com

Good luck!

1 comment:

  1. Very good traker ! good job staff !!!

    Hotlink: irc.p2p-net.eu/x.interviews