HDTV uploads on Karagarga

Following discussions along staff members and user feedback, we have decided to allow on a trial basis HDTV uploads on KG.

Here are the rules of the game :

All HDTV rips must receive prior approval from a staff member BEFORE the upload within the dedicated forum topic.
Please don't PM staff regarding HDTV permissions.
Any upload without approval will be DELETED, even if it fits the quality standards. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Only 720p encodes of material that is NOT released or planned for release on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray are allowed.
Only x264 encodes. NO raw streams (.ts) even if they are muxed into an .mkv file.
The preferred file format is mkv. NO wmv or mp4!
NO Upscales are allowed for any possible reasons. It will be Staff's decision if a rip is considered an upscale or not.
All other KG rules apply.

Your request must include the following information :

The title/name of what you wish to upload
If it's a scene/group encode please keep the original tagging intact
Link to IMDB (or another relevant website)
At least 3 screenshots in the PNG format
A complete rip specs report generated by MediaInfo

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