Eargasm.me - one big FAiL tracker

Eargasm is a lossless music and music DVD tracker that holds the same high standards about ripping as E***o and Pedro’s BTMusic, this site is for anyone interested in perfect audio rips and full music DVD’s. Music is in FLAC format only. Now under new management, this site has undergone a complete makeover from it’s first incarnation as "Need-Music."

Eargasm.me is new version of Need-Music, but when N-M was closed and eargasm was launched (29 march) there is one big FAiL of this tracker! This is some downgrade. Need-Music was indexed over 900 torrents and over 1000 members in short time and this is was eargasm presents today:

If you want you can apply for invite on this IRC channel:

Server: irc.savethecoratee.org (SSL port is 6697)
Channel: #eargasm.me-invites

But if you are a member of Pedros, E****, what, waffels or even CE dont bother, you will find only dead tracker, with 116 torrents and dead forum.

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