Co-sysop of Etiv.in Frylock busted

Oryginal quote from Etiv.in news, posted by Elisabeth (Frylock wife):

My name is Elizabeth and my husband Frylock has asked me to deliver some bad news to his Etiv.in friends. What follows is directly dictated to me from him via a phone call.

Whats up etiv?!?

The mighty Frylock has run aground with California law and I am currently sitting in County jail on a charge related to marijuana. It seems the police around here don't take to kindly to good citizens having a pound of weed stashed (allegedly) in the back seat. Shit happens I guess.

Worse case scenario I will be away for about a year but with some LUCK I will be out in about a month. It all depends on how hardcore the DA wants to be with me. I'm sorry to leave you all hanging for so long about whats going on but it is hard to comunciate via a jail cell. I have my wife and the almighty MastaShake to thank for the little communication I do have.

The bastards have set my bail at 50k and the bail bondsmen around here charge 10% and 5k is no joke to my family so I;m prob gona sit here till my trial at the end of the month. Lucky for Etiv my position as Co-Sysop is more political than practical...If Shake where ever to get locked up we'd be in REAL trouble as he is the real work horse of Etiv.

Wish me luck my friends and take care. I'll see ya on the other side.

p.s. to Backie: The wife tells me you've been posting some ugly shit at Soap! Keep on keeping on brother! Can't wait to join you again.

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