PornBits with big problems

As many of our Users might have noticed we have been down for at litlle over 20 hours, this was due to our whole server rack going up in flames (yes it really did go up in flames).

That "fire" resulted in a server & Website shutdown and replacement of the rack, due to the lack of proper backups (and a few corrupt ones) we have been set back a few weeks but we are working on the problems as we speak.

I would like to ask all our users who are on here and can read this, to upload any and every torrent you still have running again, to supply the torrent base with new uploads.

Also remember that we are still recieving recovered data and we might replace the files currently on the website.

We apoligize for any inconvinience and missed porn you had while whe were away.

Kind Regards on BEhalf of the Pornbits.net Staff team.

Well it turns out not only our server was in that rack but also our backup server.

So we are screwed. We have lost all of our backups and we had to go with an 11 week old backup.

We are starting out again with zero torrents

Since coming back up about 14 hours ago we already have 154 torrents and growing quickly.

Please upload any PB torrents you have and help us out.

If you are among the many that lost your password please use the recover password function before asking for help.

If that does not work please visit our IRC and I or one of the other admins or higher will get your password reset.

We did get all of the recent changes put back in the site (like the limiter) but we lost the last 11 weeks of users (not many users in all honesty). If you are one of the users who got invited from here we are temporarily open for signups but that will probably shutdown in the next few hours. So if you do not get your account back with open signups please let nuget or I know or visit our IRC.

Thanks for your patience while we do what we can to get back any data.

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